Fruits drinks as source of vitamins and minerals


100% fruit juice with no added sugar is perfectly source of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as being an ideal source of fluid replenishment. Pure 100% fruit juices contains equal or higher amounts of vitamins and nutrients then the equal volume of fruit and have the same phytochemicals as fresh fruit juice is considered part of the daily requirements.


Fruits drinks selection


Always select 100% pure fruit juice. It is less important if it is from concentrate or not as long as it is Pure. Unfortunately many parents and adults still select bad fruit drinks. Fruit drinks that contain as little as 10% of fruit juice and the rest are unhealthy chemicals, colourings, additives, conservatives, preservatives, etc. These drinks carry very little nutritional value, some claim to have added vitamins, but remember that mostly added vitamin is not easily absorbed by young kids and thus useless.  They are not the same! So use a bit of common sense.


Look for no added sugar, preservatives or colouring juices. Yes it slightly more expensive, but they are the real deal and are excellent source of fluid, vitamins, minerals and your lovely Antioxidants.

Source: http://www.fuelthemind.com/health/nutrition/drinks.html

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