With the growing number of product or brand choices now available to you, how will you able to make the right choice as to which Mangosteen supplement or extract to buy that will provide you the optimum benefits from the whole fruit?


 Below are the guidelines that can help you to decide which Mangosteen extract-based product deserves your trust:


-Does the product contain the whole fruit puree of the fruit? The whole fruit contains natural healing compounds called Xanthones. But most of them found in the pericarp (rind or skin). Make sure that the supplement is based on the whole fruit extract of the mangosteen.


-Is it the primary ingredient in the product? To obtain the most benefit from Xanthones, Mangosteen should be the primary ingredient on which the supplement is based.


-Carefully consider the name and reputation of the manufacturer. Is it a nationally or internationally known name? Companies with reputation they need to uphold are more likely to manufacture products under strict, quality controlled conditions. If a manufacturer has national and/or international quality certifications, it probably should be at the top of your list.


-Does the product label or company website provide you a way to contact the company if you have questions or concerns about their product? Reputable manufacturers will provide their contact information on the supplement’s label, packaging or website.


-Call, e-mail or write the manufacturer and ask about their quality-control procedures and manufacturing process.


-Try to avoid products that are priced significantly lower than comparable products--- they are likely to be of lower quality.



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